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Jane and Dwight
"What is with that name?"
"Obsession...plain and simple.  I am obsessed with my gold fish...not just any
'ol goldfish but Orandas and Ranchu.  The ultimate in Fat Wiggly Fish.  I just love
them.  They are the worst swimmers and sometimes even swim backwards and
up side down.  They make me laugh."

What does the Fat Wiggly Fish have to do with the business?
"Not a thing, but you won't forget the name will you :) !"
Jane and Dwight are both propmakers, an industry term for carpenters who build movie sets.    

Dwight started as a fine furniture and cabinet maker as well as welder.  He has built motorcycles and has retrofitted
parts, all with precision and attention to detail.  He is an exceptional craftsman.

Jane has a Bachelors of Fine Art from Alfred University with a major in design.  Her mother swears she loved animals
from the day she was born.  She has been trying to figure out a way to house them in a way they will be more
comfortable and feel more at home since she could tie 2 sticks together with a piece of string.  To her the design is key,
not just the look and beauty of the enclosure but the inner mechanical workings and ease of cleaning.
FWF is a business a lifetime in the making.

A great team producing great products.
Fat Wiggly Fish is a Creative Outlet.  A place for me to design and build the things I dream about.
Everything from Jewelry to Animal Enclosures to Construction

From Creative Concepts to Construction

Have you ever looked at your beloved pet and said "I adore that animal but oh my God that cage is hideous!" ?
Have you ever wanted your pet to have an environment in your home, office or back yard
that would make them and their home look like living Art?

How about a mosaic tile fountain for your pet turtle?
A stained glass and wrought iron aviary with fish pond and stream?
An indoor enclosure for your ferret or finches with air circulation and filters?
Give us your idea and we will run to the moon with it.